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Is your business covered? You may have an insurance policy but are you really covered? Is there an exception in your business policy that doesn’t cover your claim? How do you know? There can be so much grey area in business insurance that often times is only highlighted when there is a claim. The only way to eliminate the grey area is through a comprehensive review, policy customization, and education. This is what we do!

Understand Your Policy

We make sure you understand your policy and how it works before you need it. Finding this out when you’re in the middle of a claim is not the time. So we spend time with each customer decoding all the numbers and coverages on your policy so you know what everything means and what each coverage does for you. We do this through our comprehensive review and proposal. We are the insurance experts. Working with JC Roberts Insurance, you’ll feel like one too!

We strive to keep our clients happy!

“I truly felt that my insurance needs were first and foremost when they told me they would never put me with an insurance company that they would not use themselves really resonated. Saving me a lot of money was also a good thing.”

Robert P.

“Jeremy is very knowledgeable and worked hard to find the right group plan for our small business. Highly recommend!”

Robert B.

“Jeremy has always been very responsive and professional in dealing with my insurance needs. JC Roberts Insurance does a great job and extremely easy to work with. Thank you for great Customer Support!”

Dave B.

“I love the service the agency provides to keep my Th insurance updated and with the best price for both car and home. Any questions that I may have it’s just a phone call away. Thank you Roberts insurance.”

William C.

“We contracted with Jeremy and his company about 2 years ago and they have been so helpful in helping us navigate through healthcare benefits for our firm. Questions are answered truthfully and with great wisdom, and the service is fantastic. The staff love Jeremy as well.”

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