2017’s Color Trends and How to Use Them at Home

2017’s Color Trends and How to Use Them at Home

3 Top Color Trends to Use at Home


For years, color psychologists have understood that different hues impact our moods in various ways. Are you putting this information to use in your home’s interior? If you’re looking to upgrade your color choices, consider incorporating these 2017 color trends.

Pantone Chooses Kale What’s become a household name due to its superfood status is now one of Pantone’s top color selections for 2017.

How to use it: Kale’s deep, earthy green is a bold shade that may be best added in small doses. Start subtly with a piece of art in the family area or statement pillows in the living room.

Sherwin Williams Goes With Poised Taupe A trendy neutral that’s a mix of warm and cool, this brownish hue is the perfect alternative to gray. Plus, it’s ideal for adding a dash of cozy to any space.

How to use it: You can dress an entire room in poised taupe wallpaper, use it to add a sense of harmony to your guest room linens or paint built-in cabinetry this new hue for a modern, homey touch.

Benjamin Moore Selects Shadow This purple-adjacent tone, a combination of amethyst and soft lilac gray, is both elegant and versatile with a touch of mystery. It also responds well to a variety of complimentary colors and design themes.

How to use it: For a dramatic effect, let this color create a calming, sophisticated vibe in the bedroom. Or try using it to make a visual focal point, such as in a bookcase, or by mixing the color with pops of pattern.

Whether you choose to put a couple of these color picks into play on a large or small scale, you’re sure to elevate the mood in your home.



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